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Products Features:

  • Gets power from PC USB port directly, no extra power supply needed
  • Compatible with all AV or S-AV input devices
  • Accepts any PAL or NTSC system video input and converts it into RGB output for any VGA monitor
  • Can be connected in a series between the computer and any AV or S-AV so you can use your computer and AV or S-AV without disconnecting or reconnecting any cables.
  • It can also be connected in a series between the stereo speakers.
  • It is simple to operate and portable so you can carry it with you anywhere.


    Please don't connect the XBOX,GC to your VGA BOX at the same time!

    Package Includes:

  • Multi VGA Box
  • VGA Cable
  • AV+S-Video Cable
  • Stereo Cable
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